Morning Asana

Morning Asana

Morning Asana is an energetic experience that awakens an experience of being within ourselves. 

Morning Asana has a woodsy nutty flavor and aroma.




Ingredients; 100% organin Quilan Oolong Tea


Product Story: Morning Asana is a Quilan Oolong Tea. Oolong comes from China and has large leaves that are dark and bold, leading to its delicious nutty flavor. Oolong tea is somewhere between green and black tea, with medium oxidization


Oolong tea leaves are known to contain significant amounts of Manganese, a compound known to boost metabolic rate or function. Like green tea, Oolong tea is packed with catechins, which boost weight loss efforts by improving the body’s ability to metabolize fat.


Oolong Tea is effective in the treatment in obesity and fatty liver disease. Oolong Tea improves the cardiovascular and digestive system. Oolong improves energy and aids in weight loss.


Regular intake of caffeine-rich oolong tea may help in improving mental performance and maintaining alertness throughout the day.





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100% Quilan Oolong Tea

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