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Heal Your Inner Child

DID YOU KNOW, True healing starts from inward?Being anxious, mad, sad are programs the the mind uses to facilitate anxiety, anger and depression. These feelings and thoughts are clear directions inward to the wounds that need to heal. The human experience is the ability to feel emotion, our soul allows us to experience unforeseen forces. We must gain control in all realms; the conscious & subconscious. Truly becoming the masters of ourselves. Be liberated from your darkness by acknowledging your pain. [...]

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DIY, A Simple Herbal Tea for Anxiety Relief

Herbal teas remain a favorite for many of us. And if you are new to experiencing the medicinal values of herbs, then sipping it through a drink is a great way.  The mere process of making herbal tea takes you through an invigorating process and awakes a natural sense for self-healing in the body. Making herbal tea is not only super simple but also an art.  And don’t worry if you’ve never brewed tea in your life. We can help [...]