Self Care

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Cleaning Your Home Is The First Step In Your Wellness Journey

DID YOU KNOW??? Cleaning your home is the first step in getting your life back together during your Wellness journey.⠀ Cleanliness is next to Godliness, low vibrational, bad energies are attracted to filth and clutter.⠀If you are in a constant state of fear, depression, negative self-talk, anxiety, lack of energy, anger etc. Start your wellness journey by gaining control over your living environment, create a sacred space. Cleanse your home from your walls to the floors using a Florida water, [...]

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Coffee Enema

When most people hear the term “coffee enema” they think, “Oh, gross!” But before you click the back button, consider the following; coffee enemas have been known to: greatly relieve chronic pain help boost energy levels relieve depression improve mental clarity and sluggishness ease die-off symptoms during cleanse regimens aid elimination of parasites and sludgy buildup from years of slow intestinal action help improve digestion Coffee enemas are an integral part of the renowned Gerson cancer therapy, and the National Institutes of Health recently allocated $1.4 million for [...]