Our Mission

As part of Seeds of Life’s mission we strive to provide products in wellness & beauty of the purest & highest vibration. We use the natural healing powers of nature to nourish the body on a cellular level, eliminate disharmony & DIS-EASE. It is our mission for our SOL tribal members to maintain optimum wellness & beauty in MIND+BODY+SPIRIT. Achieving a well-balanced lifestyle to improve the overall quality of life.

Our Wellness Products

At Seeds of Life we take pride in the crafting of our Wellness products. We spare no expense when it comes to quality, safe and clean ingredients. We only use 100% certified organic herbs, fruits and spices in  our handcrafted Wellness products. 

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Our Founder Krystal Dixon-Hart

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I am Krystal Dixon-Hart; an Indigenous Wombman of the Kwatsan Tribe. My mother is Christina Allen and my father is Freddie Allen. I was raised in Yuma, Arizona. I grew up witnessing a lot of our tribal member and family plagued with dis-ease due to poor lifestyle habits. It is my journey to educate and help those who seek wellness to achieve everyday well-being. 

I am a Master herbalist, ambassador of wellness & beauty, priestess, spiritual warrior, educator and a lover of nature. I created Seeds of Life to cultivate health, wellness and beauty in my community through self-care and everyday wellness in MIND + BODY + SPIRIT.