Our Mission

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As part of Seeds of Life’s mission we strive to provide products in wellness & beauty of the purest & highest vibration. We use the natural healing powers of nature to nourish the body on a cellular level; eliminate disharmony & DIS-EASE. It is our mission for our SOL tribe  to maintain optimum wellness & beauty in MIND+BODY+SPIRIT. To achieve a well-balanced lifestyle improving  the overall quality of life.

Our Founder Krystal Dixon-Hart

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I am Krystal Dixon-Hart; an Indigenous Wombman of the Kwatsan Tribe. My mother is Christina Allen and my father is Freddie Allen. I was raised in Yuma, Arizona. I grew up witnessing a lot of our tribal member and family plagued with dis-ease due to poor lifestyle habits. It is my journey to educate and help those who seek wellness to achieve everyday well-being. 

I am a Master herbalist, ambassador of wellness, priestess, spiritual warrior, educator and a lover of nature. I created Seeds of Life to cultivate health & wellness in my community through self-care and everyday wellness in